Our Trip to Peru: Cusco

Just about as quickly as our trip to Peru approached, it just as quickly passed by. Before we knew it, we were in the last city of our adventure -- Cusco. Cusco, the highest altitude yet, sits at a remarkableĀ 11,152 feet high, nestled up into the mountainside and filled with rich history dating back to … Continue reading Our Trip to Peru: Cusco


October Goals

I recently heard someone say that October is the Friday of the holiday season, and I couldn't agree more. I think October get overlooked since it is sandwiched in between the end of summer and the start of the holiday season, but October has so much to offer, it really should be one of the … Continue reading October Goals

Our Trip to Peru: Machu Picchu

Originally, I was going to include our pictures from Machu Picchu in the previous post, but it is just so unfair to compare the two! I absolutely loved our time in Peru's Sacred Valley, but there is no comparison with the city in the clouds. Be forewarned, this post is a little picture heavy. šŸ™‚ … Continue reading Our Trip to Peru: Machu Picchu

Our Trip to Peru: Sacred Valley

As wonderful as our few days in Lima were, we were so excited to continue our trip to the Sacred Valley! Nestled in the Andean highlands in between the city of Cusco, and the infamous Machu Picchu is a region of farmlands and ancient Incan villages. After flying to Cusco from Lima, we drove to … Continue reading Our Trip to Peru: Sacred Valley

September Goals

For the first time to memory, I am actually straight up giddy for September this year! Usually, September 1 through the 22nd consists of me fighting the universe that summer will never end, but instead this year, I'm anxiously anticipating the season of cozy layers, cool breeze and pumpkin everything. But before we can get … Continue reading September Goals

Our Italy Trip: Pisa, Verona, and Venice

As I write the title of this blog post, I realize how many places we actually went in the last three days of our trip. In addition to Pisa, Verona, and Venice, we also went to Burano and back to Rome! No wonder we had no issue sleeping on the flight back home. We left … Continue reading Our Italy Trip: Pisa, Verona, and Venice

Our Italy Trip: Rome

Wow. What an incredibly amazing trip. We've been back from our trip to Italy for a little over two weeks now and I still haven't fully accepted the fact that we are back. We had an amazing week full of culture, history, newly-formed friendships, experience and of course, wonderful food. It was an exhausting trip, … Continue reading Our Italy Trip: Rome