MEP to MEC: Ten Days to Go!

When I was at the store earlier this week, a few fellow shoppers asked who was getting married, based on the items in my cart. After I said that I was, they asked when the big day is and I tried my best to keep my cool when I said “Next weekend”,  because in actuality, I was somewhere in between “Oh. My. God.” and “Fiiiinnnnallly”! But later that night, I was carrying boxes into our new apartment with Jody, which is now furnished (yay!), I remembered that in just a few short days, my best friend for the past four years will become my husband and we will embark on a lifetime of adventures. As much as I have loved planning our wedding, it has been easy to lose focus on the days the will come after our magical day, especially in these last few days. My hope that the next nine days are full of laughter, joy and excitement for our beginning of forever.


Completed In the Past Two and Half Weeks:

  • Finalized all music
  • Got our marriage license
  • Celebrated at my Bachelorette Party
  • Crafted wedding day details
  • Finalized menu with caterer
  • Find table runners
  • Purchased wedding gifts for bridal party, parents, and each other
  • Completed our final pre-marital counseling session
  • Attended second dress fitting
  • Ordered day-of accessories
  • Collected family pictures
  • Sent Rehearsal Dinner invitations

On the List for the Next Ten Days:

  • Make wedding favors
  • Write Thank You’s for wedding gifts we’ve already received
  • Finish all decor signage
  • Wrap gifts
  • Finalize and practice vows
  • Confirm our weekend timeline and send it to all relevant parties
  • Finalize and pack all attire and details
  • Assemble our seating chart
  • Write letters to each other
  • Print ceremony programs
  • Pack for honeymoon!
  • Go to our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!!
  • Get married!!!

June Goals

I am contributing part of the reason that I completely forgot about my monthly goals post for June to the fact that I still believe it is April and partially to the fact that my life has been crazy these past few weeks. Without going into too much detail, I am finding so many blessings in disguise, which I am so thankful for.

But, June! It has always been one of my favorite months (it is my birthday month after all!) but this year, I’m excited for even more celebrations. I wish I could form a super eloquent sentence about how fast this year has flown by, and how I actually am unsure how to wrap my head around the fact that it is finally (or suddenly, both words accurately describe how I feel) the month that I marry my best friend. So many feelings, so little time, but nothing tops the excitement that I feel for Jody and I to begin our lives together. This month is pretty much all about the wedding, but I hope that my goals for 2017 are still represented for this month.

May Goals

  • Finish reading ‘Grace Not Perfection’
  • Sell the clothes that I have set aside to get rid of. If I don’t sell it all by the end of the month, then donate it.
  • Take the time to prepare for marriage by completing our devotional book and pre-marital counseling sessions We finished our pre-marital counseling sessions and we will continue to complete the devotions through the beginning of our marriage!
  • Joyfully attend to details that need to be planned and completed for the wedding
  • Support friends/family with their big life events happening this month! Congratulations Katie & Vasili, Amber & Kendall, Austin & Leeanne on your marriage and to Madison on your college graduation!

June Goals

  • Continue with marriage devotionals
  • Finish planning my wedding!
  • Make myself find time to exercise, even if it is just going on a walk or ab work on my floor
  • Finish moving our belongings into our newlywed apartment and have it set up so Jody can move in
  • Celebrate my 24th birthday!
  • Welcome our guests to town and get married!!!